Certification Programs

Blue Ocean Methodology

Blue Ocean Methodology introduces principles used by companies to create and capture “blue oceans,” thus eliminating the competition. In this workshop, the methodology will be reviewed and a wide range of strategic moves across different industries will be examined. Participants will learn how to formulate and execute their own strategies.


Flying Over the Traditional Red Ocean
Delving into the Marketing Strategy Process One Last Time
Innovation and Creativity: Who is Willing to Get On Board?
Marketing Trends and Gimmicks
The Secret Weapons
Below The Line Marketing (BTL)
Ambush Marketing
Network Marketing
Transforming Marketing Integration into Strategy
Charting the Blue Ocean
Becoming Strategic
Looking Beyond Market Demand
Overcoming Hurdles and Resistance
Becoming Operational
Sustaining the Process
Captain on Board: Building your Own Blue Ocean Strategy

Workshop Benefits:

Differentiating between the Market (RED OCEAN) and the BLUE OCEAN (the new thing)
Exploring the Comprehensive Approach to the Process of the Marketing Strategy
Understanding and Embracing Innovation
Becoming Familiar with Using the Secret Marketing Weapons
Implementing Blue Ocean Charts
Creating New Strategies
Overcoming Resistance Controlling the Process
At the End of this Program, Attendees will be Working Together to Build their Own Blue Ocean Strategy