Soft Skills

Critical Thinking

Employees are often confronted with many issues on a daily basis that require problem solving skills. This workshop will cover the elements of problem solving and simplify the process so that individuals can manage issues in a rational manner and discuss the steps involved in making decisions.

​Agenda :​

Problem-Solving and Decision-Making
The Rational Approach to Problem-Solving (Kepner-Tregoe)
Problem Analysis Supplementary Tools
Decision-Making Supplementary Tools
Creativity and Problem-Solving
Applications of Techniques

Objectives :​

Build and expand their decision-making, critical thinking and creative problem solving skills.
Apply logical and creative approaches to solving problems and making decisions.
Use traditional and creative tools for identifying causes and generating solutions.
Utilize creativity and lateral thinking as business tools.
Analyze and solve actual problems facing them at work.
Gain confidence in asking the right questions and overcoming the stress of making complex decisions.
Demonstrate and build credibility with upper management.
Develop strategic approaches to problem-solving and decision-making.