Effective Prospecting

Prospecting is the act of seeking out potential clients for sales purposes. This workshop will discuss the elements of prospecting, techniques that can be implemented and key factors that can turn a lead into a prospect, and in turn, generate more sales for a company.


The Proactive Selling
Target your Market
The Prospect Board
Setting Goals
The Importance of Prospecting
Public Speaking
Trade Shows
Regaining Lost Accounts
Warming Up Cold Calls
The 80/20 Rule
The 3 Rs of Successful Prospecting
Feature , Advantage, Benefit
Adaptive Selling based on Buyer’s Style

​Workshop Benefits:

​Understand the Importance of Expanding a Client Base through Effective Prospecting
Know how to Use a Prospect Board
Identify Target Markets and Target Companies with the 80/20 Rule in Mind
Develop and Practice Networking Skills at every Opportunity
Develop, Refine, and Execute the Art of Making Sales Calls
Understand the Importance of Product Knowledge, Recognizing and Establishing Customer Need, and Product or Service Value
Apply the Features, Advantage and Benefit (FAB) Technique across a Range of Sales Situations