Emotional Intelligence for Sales

Thousands of dollars are invested in sales training each year. And often, there is a gap in learning and execution of skills in the real world. Well-intentioned sales managers invest hours in training sales skills, only to discover that sales results do not always add up or rise in tandem. Low Emotional Intelligence (EQ) skills can result in poor performance and cause salespeople to sabotage their own success.

Learning how to manage your emotions effectively helps you to improve your performance and results, maintain the integrity and enhance your overall trustworthiness. This is your key to your sales success.

By attending this training, you will uncover your emotional challenges, and learn how to manage yourself more effectively under stressful conditions during sales.


When You Know Better, You Sell Better
Understanding Emotional Intelligence
The Knowing & Doing Gap
The New Way to Influence
The Art and Neuroscience of Sales
The Emotionally Response
The Real Reason for Empty Sales Pipelines
Sales Reality Check
The Neuroscience of Prospecting
What’s Your Prospect’s Story
Using the “W” Formula
Getting to the Real Pain


​Understand the What, Why and How of emotional intelligence and sales results
Know how to close the 'knowing and doing' gap
Discover the art and neuroscience of sales
Learn the art of prospecting, setting expectations and questioning