Executive Leadership

In order to be successful in today’s business world, individuals should demonstrate superior leadership skills. The Executive Leadership is a customized program designed by STANDARDS to empower individuals and allow them to recognize their abilities and potential to be true leaders. This workshop will aid participants in developing innovation, flexibility and self-awareness in relationships with colleagues and peers.


Leadership Competencies
Leadership Abilities
Create And Lead Teams
Foster Conflict Resolutions (Win-win)
Coaching And Training
Implement Employee Involvement Strategies
Creative Problem Solving
Interpersonal Skills
Build Appropriate Relationships

Workshop Benefits:​

Know your Competencies as a Leader
Use these Competencies Effectively to Create and Lead Teams
Ensure a Win-Win Situation when Dealing with Conflicts between your Team Members
Strengthen Teamwork
Detect Problems Quickly and Solve them Immediately
Build a Reliable Relationship with your Customers through Developing your Communication and Interpersonal Skills