Human Resources Management

Job Analysis & Job Descriptions

It is essential that employees understand what is required of them in the workplace in order for them to reach their maximum potential. This workshop introduces the methods of developing a job analysis system that details all the tasks and responsibilities that are expected of each employee. This will help to clarify their roles and understand their duties within the organization.


The Job Description
The Job Analysis
An Overview of Job Analysis and its Relationship to Various Other Management Functions
Job Analysis Methodology
Job Descriptions/Job Specifications
What are Job Descriptions?
What are Job Specifications?
Job Descriptions & Job Specifications – The Differences
The Uses of Job Description and Job Specification

Workshop Benefits:

​Define Job Descriptions
Conduct Job Analysis to Create Job Descriptions
Know the Benefits of Having Job Descriptions
Evaluate Employees Based on their Job Descriptions
Evaluate Training Needs by Referring to the Job Descriptions
Defining the Means of Conducting the Job Analysis Interview
Skills and Tactics to be Used in the Analysis process
Technical, Intellectual and Workgroups Jobs