Pre-Approach - Getting to know your Product

The pre-approach is a tool that identifies the steps in planning a sales call after a prospect has been identified. This workshop will cover the steps in identifying the features, advantages and benefits of any product/service and how to better present it while being sold. It will also discuss how to build confidence and create a professional image using this special method.



The links between a product description, its advantage over others, and the gain derived by the customer from using it
Central techniques used in the presentation stage of the selling process
Preparation of a Product FABs
Preparation of a Service FABs

Workshop Benefits:

Value Understand the Importance of Product Knowledge, Recognizing and Establishing Customer Need, and Product or Service
Apply the Features, Advantage and Benefit (FAB) Technique across a Range of Sales Situations
Handle Reluctant or Resistant Buyers through FABs Techniques
Selling your Company’s Products and/or Services by Linking their Benefits to Customers’ Needs