Administration & Secreterial

The Effective Personal Assistant

Being an Effective Executive is about providing valuable support to a person and an organization you believe in. It is a unique position and it takes a unique set of skills to achieve long term success. This workshop is designed to enable executive assistants and other office professionals to realize their value in the organization and how improve their skills to succeed in their jobs.


Competencies of the Modern PA
Better Management of your Work Flow
Effective Interpersonal Skills
Writing Professional Emails
Telephone Etiquette
Organizing Professional Meetings
Dealing with Visitors and Improving Customer Service

Workshop Benefits:​

Practice advanced administration techniques to effectively run the office of a senior manager.
Acquire modern concepts and strategies related to the job in order to carry out responsibilities with a high degree of competence.
Apply professional business-writing techniques in e-mails.
Prepare and organize a professional meeting, write its agenda and take minutes accurately.
Demonstrate professional skills in communicating with the internal/external public in an effective manner.