Customer Experience

Voice of the Customer, Customer Insights and Understanding


1. Introduction to the VOC (Voice of the Customer)

Define the meaning for the Voice of the Customer
Describe the difference between: basic, performance, and excitement quality as defined by the Kano Model

2. Collecting the Voice of the Customer

Know how to “scope” a VOC project
Recognize how many customers to contact
Identify customer types
Learn how to create a customer selection matrix
Understand different market segments

3. Contacting the Customer

Learn how to create a customer contact letter
Know how to create customer interview questions
Explain how to build subconscious rapport
Understand the difference between service and/or product solutions and true needs
Recognize how to measure broad based customer needs

4. Interacting with the Customer

Know how to conduct interviews
Relate the basics of note taking during customer interactions
Identify how to analyze customer feedback into usable data
Understand how to listen to the customer
Understand the mechanics of a customer focus group
Define the different roles in a customer focus group
Determine aspects to pay attention to in the customer environment