Dr. Hady Safa

Managing Partner

As one of the arab world’s renowned motivational speakers, Hady is a vibrant inspirer and highly-trusted resource in business and professional circles for Lebanese and Arab CEOs, non-profit and business leaders from all sectors. For two decades he has not only profoundly experimented competencies development, but also has helped hundreds of businesses and individuals think and act strategically.

As a lively Inspirational Speaker for audiences as large as 20,000, Hady Safa directly influences people to dramatically improve their lives. He passionately facilitates change into the fabric of his audiences' daily lives.

Hady's ability to transform knowledge into the audiences' built in self-talk, enriching them with real life examples and success stories, makes him one of the most intriguing speakers in the region.

Addressing audiences from Beirut to Dubai, the Gulf to Europe, Hady is invited back again and again for his powerful impact and the ability to connect with the mind-roots of people from all walks of life.

Hady’s inspiration, passion and interactive high-energy, motivates audiences to instantly overcome their limitations and rebound to significance. Over the past decade, Hady has expanded his role from a master business trainer to being an inspirational and motivational speaker.

Hady went through an extremely challenging way building his educational blocks, transforming from a young kid who started working after-hours at the age of sixteen, self learning through college, into a PhD holder, successful Entrepreneur, self development author and inspirational speaker.

Today, Hady leads several companies in diverse industries within the region, ranging from Human Resources Consulting, Training and Development, Web and Mobile Solutions, Real Estate and Commercial Media.