Mr. Adib Dorra

Business Consultant & Trainer

Educational Background: 

Adib has a Bachelor Degree in Business Adminstration from the American University of Beirut.

Certifications and Awards:

Business Skills Diploma, Human Resources Management Diploma, Advanced Leadership skills, Sales Management Diploma, Customer Service Excellence, Project Planning skills, Advanced Project Management, Pyramid of Leadership, Leading Dynamic Teams, Certified Team Building Trainer, Certified Business Trainer.

Experience and Specialty: 

Adib was exposed to different challenges in the human resources areas, such as recruitment, HR consultancy and training. He expanded his portfolio rapidly working with a variety of clients from small businesses to large corporates, in Lebanon and Gulf countries, for both public and private sectors.

Langauge Fluency: 

Arabic, English, and French (reading, writing, and speaking).

Current Role: 

Senior Trainer and Consultant Operations Director at Standards