Ms. Nadine Abdel khalek

Business Consultant & Trainer

Educational Background: 

Nadine is a Life & Career Coach, and has a MBA in Management, a MA and a D.E.A, in Archaeology and also a B.A. in Archaeology.

Certifications and Awards: 

Strategic Planning, Strategic Management, Project Management, Employee Motivation and Evaluation, Effective Communication, Leadership, Conflict Resolution, Anger Management, Self-Management, Self-confidence, Team Building, Self development, Accountability, Disempowering perspective, Emotional intelligence. (Management, HR, Life Skills, Transformational Behavior and Wellbeing.)

Experience and Specialty: 

Nadine has more than 5 years in facilitating workshops in MENA Region, more than 4 years in one on one and group coaching, and more than 20 years of experience in different fields and sectors (Private, NGOs).

Language Fluency: 

Arabic, English, and French (reading, writing, and speaking).

Current Role:

Designs, develops, coordinates, implements, and delivers training programs in the areas of Leadership, Management and business skills.