Human Resources Management

Strategic HR Management

This training workshop aims to highlight the complex interactions of human resource management and strategy. It examines how HR strategies need to be integrated with other management functions and with the strategy of the firm. It also examines changes in human resource practices against the background of business strategy and objectives, and links human resource practices to business performance and outcomes.


1.The Main Cycles in HR

HR Strategy Cycle
Recruitment and Selection Cycle
Training and Development Cycle
Performance Management Cycle
Compensation and Benefits Cycle

​2.Strategic HR Management

Situation Analysis
HR Visions and Missions
HR Strategic Goals
Key Result Areas and Key Performance Indicators
Core Competencies and Core Values

3. Change Management

Types of Change to Manage
Change Management Models
Change Management Process

​Workshop Benefits:

​List the main cycles in Human Resources (HR) and the critical steps in each.
Define strategic HR management and draft an HR strategy.
Explain the vital KPIs which should be constantly monitored in Human Resources.
Learn about change management
Understand how to react to change
Understand the ways to anticipate challenges and respond to these efficiently