Strategic Management

In this course, you will gain new perspectives for building market resilience and dominance for your organization. Understand the difference between corporate and business strategy and what it takes for a corporate headquarters to add value and increase business unit success. Study best practices in key areas of corporate strategy, including diversification, mergers and acquisitions, strategic alliances, corporate governance and strategic leadership


When and why firms diversify
Why mergers and acquisitions are so prevalent
How business groups add value in emerging markets
Vertical Integration
Alternatives to Vertical Integration
Different forms of strategic alliances
Why strategic alliances form
What affects strategic alliance success
Understand executive compensation schemes
The role of the board of directors
The role of leadership in organizational design and culture
How leaders set corporate direction as change agents
Developing a learning organization approach
Why resource management and development matter
Elements of the socially responsible organization
How leaders influence organizational values, integrity and accountability


Develop the skills to perform external and internal analysis for companies and to evaluate the dynamics of competition
Build strategies using appropriate frameworks and tools
Understand the basics of strategy implementation and control