Administration & Secreterial

Technical Report Writing

Reports are important essential business records for organizations. Poorly designed and presented reports can conceal important information, and their purpose can be unclear. The size of a report is no indicator of its worth – a good report, regardless of its size, contains well-written and presented facts and recommendations. This training workshop will help you ensure your reports are clear, concise and well structured.


  • The Report Writing Process

  • Reporting Structure

Sections of a Report
Captivating Introductions
Conducting Research and Analysis
Presenting Your Findings
Deriving Unbiased Conclusions

  • Report Types and Templates

Investigative Reports
Progress/Status Reports
Periodic Reports
Instructional Reports

Workshop Benefits:

Write purposeful business and technical reports that meet reader requirements.
Utilize different templates and report types to achieve reporting objectives.
Research, analyze and organize information to effectively generate reliable conclusions.
Provide evidence-backed recommendations to support management decision-making.